Personal & Home user services

Services – Personal & Home users

“Alexa, how do I stop the kids getting onto inappropriate websites?”

Increasing amounts of technology in the home has moved incredibly fast in the last 5 years, with faster broadband and mobile network speeds allowing smart devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) to make our lives easier and more connected.

CARBON IT SERVICES can help you setup, configure and support these services, giving you a peace of mind that your home is safe & secure, whilst benefiting from a wealth of conveniences these improvements can bring.

Web Hosting (Hobbyist & Personal)

Home Automations (Nest, Hive, Google & Amazon)

Home Broadband Filtering & Security

WiFi & Connectivity Troubleshooting

Audio/Visual Setup & Configuration

CCTV & Entrance Systems

PC/Laptop Repairs & Support

Anti-Virus, Software Installation & Device Security

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