Carbon:TOGETHER – Customer Referral Reward Plan

Spread the word, get rewarded for your loyalty

Isn’t it great when you get rewarded, just for telling someone else how happy you are with a product or service?

We think so too.

That’s why we launched the Carbon:TOGETHER Customer Referral Reward Plan.

For every new customer that signs up to one of our selected services*, and quotes your name or business name as their referrer, we’ll automatically apply a 5% discount to the same service on your next invoice.

Furthermore, as long as they stay a customer, you’ll continue to have that discount applied on each subsequent invoice.

As well as this, the discount stacks, right up to a full 100% discount – refer enough customers, and you get your service for free!

And in keeping with our Customer Charter to Treat All Customers As Equals, we applied it retrospectively to our existing customers from launch too.

It’s just another small way of continuing to deliver IT with a human approach.

* Terms and Conditions, and eligibility criteria apply. You can find these here.

Please feel free to drop us a line at hello@carbonitservices.co.uk
or on 0333 577 3573