Installations & Implementation

Installations & Implementation

The expertise, and more importantly, the attitude to deploy swiftly and efficiently

Whether you’re facing a deployment of a handful of PC’s or need to co-ordinate and execute a national (or even international) sized rollout, CARBON IT SERVICES is in your corner.

With the current challenges of social distancing in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve demonstrated to our customers we’re able to still maintain our high levels of standards whilst adhering to government guidelines.

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Choosing the right partner for any deployment project can be difficult, with claims of being able to do it cheaper, faster or better ten-to-the-penny.

At CARBON IT SERVICES, our values enshrined within our Customer Charter reflect an honest portrayal of what you’d expect when partnering with us for your project – no hidden costs, no unnecessary work, and you left feeling in-control and assured of the outcome.



The engineers you use to execute your installations are often the personal face to your IT department, so any faults in their manner or attitude will always cast you in a negative light.

Our engineers are experienced with working on customer sites, and appreciate they’re representing your business. They understand the need to be flexible and accommodating of any users they may be disrupting, whilst working hard to ensure the task is finished quickly and with minimal mess. We also focus on the smaller details often missed, or uncomfortable to discuss, like personal hygiene and attire to ensure the standards of the company, department or team they’re representing are maintained in all environments.


Trust and integrity are paramount when you’re choosing a partner for your deployments.

That’s why our Senior Engineers all hold Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) and Non-Police Personnel Vetting Level-3 (NPPV-3) clearances, to provide you peace of mind that we can work across sensitive sites to the highest calibre of result.


When outsourcing or co-sourcing with a partner like CARBON IT SERVICES for your deployments, choosing a partner that can work independently when needed, and demonstrate experience and effective decision-making, to ensure you’re getting value for money and not tied up with constant phone calls or micro-managing.

Our team have experience in installations and deployments of all types, and the challenges or practices unique to each – from “green field”/”brown field” installations, remote working operations, high security (Government, Police Force, Educational and Airport) installation sites, international deployments, and everything in between.


We understand that every minute counts in the business world, and a project’s value can only be fully realised once it’s been completed.

Using the latest in deployment technologies, such as Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) or Microsoft Intune, we can streamline your shelf-to-production time considerably and consistently.



Does your project involve the need to install  into sites classified as a construction site, with all the additional Health & Safety considerations that go along with it?

CARBON IT SERVICES have our own engineers that are qualified through the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) and Asbestos Aware scheme, allowing them to work in and around construction sites to aid in your installations.

We also have engineers qualified to work with MEWPs (Mechanical lifters) for installations at height, both indoors and outdoors, so are fully equipped to deal with any and all installation environments.


Even with the proliferation of wireless technologies in the workplace today, there is still a lot to be said for the reliable predictability of hard cabling. Assured connectivity, plug-and-play use and less support and maintenance costs are all key factors of a well planned and properly installed cable system. 

Whether you are in need of new CAT5, CAT6, fibre, audio or co-axial cabling backbones run, or need support and diagnostics with an existing system, our team have the expertise and equipment to seamlessly install, diagnose and repair a multitude of scenarios at any possible location or environment imaginable.


Use cases for IT equipment is often varied and unique to each Business – whereas office-based businesses may be fine with a simple on-the-desk installation for their desktops, a retail store may require bespoke unit housing their POS station or communications equipment.

CARBON IT SERVICES have a wide range of install experience, and the benefit of hindsight to consider the requirements often overlooked or considered “not our job” by other IT providers – where do the cables run, is it height of components situated correctly for the users, how do you access the equipment to maintain it, etc.

We can help you design and tailor an install solution that works perfectly for you.


Do you have interests outside of the UK, or looking to expand internationally?

CARBON IT SERVICES can assist you with the sourcing of local services, the purchase of equipment certified to the appropriate standards for the country of use, or provide your engineering resource for installs, saving you the time and hassle of language barriers, and ensuring a smooth outcome.

Our engineers have experience in working across Europe, North America and Asia, and are aware of the cultural and professional differences in processes that need to take place across a number of international markets.


IT Installation projects are often multi-faceted programmes, with numerous tasks involving telecommunications installs, wiring, business user services and/or customer services all requiring managing and installing during specific windows to achieve the end result.

CARBON IT SERVICES’ installation engineers are experienced in each of these disciplines, with full support from our off-site teams, to minimise multiple different engineers being required, and provide you with a consistent and bankable experience to completion.

Partnering with Best In Class vendors

Even with experienced engineers, the market leading vendors often choose different terminologies or approaches to their solutions, which can cause unexpected outcomes without proper consideration.

CARBON IT SERVICES is proud to partner with many of the vendors judged Best In Class by many of the industries leading accreditation, research and advisory companies, and by us constantly researching, learning and adding to this stable, you can ensure that partnering with us is an astute decision.

Scalable Resource at Affordable Rates

Resources within most IT departments are currently under pressure, with social distancing limitations, individuals needing to self-isolate at short notice, and restrictions around travel all playing a significant part.

CARBON IT SERVICES can assist you with scalable, for-purpose resource, where and when you need it. We offer tailored quotations based on your requirements, including Scheduled Engineering or ADHOC Engineering, and affordable rates for each.

ADHOC Engineering


Need an engineer at short notice, to troubleshoot an issue, or on an open-ended basis to assist in a technical activity?

We have engineers on a multitude of skill levels, and can work with as little or as much information as you have available, to assist in the task at hand.

With ADHOC engineering, you need not worry about having to predict the amount of time an engineer is needed for, night or day, and are charged in 0.25hr increments to ensure a fair and cost-effective resolution can be found with our assistance.

Scheduled Engineering

Require a technical professional for a set date/time/period to assist you with a piece of work? Do you have a geographical challenge, and wish to avoid wasting precious time or expense with your in-house technical resources travelling to/from remote sites for a short job?

We offer a Scheduled Engineering service, where a technical resource will be made available for an agreed date, time and length of time, allowing you to effectively be in two places (or more) at once.

We would discuss the piece of work with you, to ensure any potential issues are worked out in advance, an accurate amount of time is allocated to the work, and quote you accordingly.

Project Based Engineering

For pieces of work involving more than 5 geographical sites or groups of differing deployments, we would deem this a Project.

We would look to provide you a named Project Manager to co-ordinate the work, and work closely with you to achieve and exceed your expectations.

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