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Social Distancing and Self Isolation doesn’t need to mean being disconnected from the world

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented the world with a new set of challenges, with people turning to technology to bridge the gap.

Social distancing and the Stay At Home campaign whilst necessary have meant only essential travel is permitted, and contact with those deemed vulnerable or potentially infectious particularly difficult, which can lead to the worry and feeling of isolation.

CARBON IT SERVICES have a number of packages that assist in getting you online and connected again, without the need for technical know-how or long, restrictive contracts.

“Amazing service. They put a kit together so that my family could FaceTime my 92 year old Mum, who has never touched technology in her life. The kit arrived and they talked me through the set up, which was easy (and I’m a technophobe). Mum has already had her first FaceTime session and loved it. I recommend them unreservedly!”

Rowena P, Customer, April 2020

Real World Use Cases

Take a look at some of the Use cases we’ve come across in society today, and how our connectivity solutions can help.


    Annabelle’s elderly parents have never needed a smartphone or an internet connection at home, having being mostly homebound themselves, relying on home visits from their carers and Annabelle, who loves a 40 minute drive away. The social distancing restrictions meant their usual contact was limited, and signing up for a new broadband service would take a number of weeks before being active.

    Instead, CARBON IT SERVICES provided a 4G router and Tablet, pre-configured to work out-the-box upon delivery, resulting in Annabelle had her parents on their first ever video call within an hour of delivery.


    Sophie and her family live in the rural areas of Buckinghamshire, with internet connectivity only available with a handful of ISPs, and low bandwidth/speed. Working from home, while also having her husband and two children online for their own work also, meant a further strain on their already slow speeds, and concerns with the extra data usage they were accumulating through tethering off their mobile phones as an alternative.

    CARBON IT SERVICES worked with Sophie to identify an Unlimited Data package and 4G router for a low monthly fee, allowing Sophie and her husband to work efficiently whilst the children continued learning (or at least pretending to…).


    Nigel works in the Waste management industry, and has had to furlough a large portion of his workforce, including most of his yard staff. He was concerned for the security of the equipment at his yard, which was now unmanned for large portions of the day, having previously been manned around the clock. Security guard contracts and other CCTV companies had quoted him long lead times and spiralling costs to keep his mind at ease.

    Utilising a system of CCTV cameras and remote connectivity, CARBON IT SERVICES were able to install a system quickly and within social distancing guidelines on site, giving him 24/7 visibility via a smartphone app from the comfort of his home.


    Diane is a community social worker, who’s role is  mobile-based but often from local Medical centres and Doctors surgeries. Previously working off their Wi-Fi services while she meets members of the community, Diane has had to move her sessions away from medical facilities due to current protection guidelines, and needed a mobile connectivity solution for her and her appointments to be able to use.

    CARBON IT SERVICES set up a mobile hot-spot with capacity for up to 20 connections at once over a wide area, allowing Diane to continue her important work uninterrupted.

Names and scenarios are based on real world situations


With only speculation on how long Social Distancing will be the “new normal”, people are understandably nervous about signing up for long term solutions.

With any of our packages, we offer a Use & Return plan – if your usage case changes at any point during the first 12 months, you can choose to return the equipment to us for a tiered rebate. No fuss, no quibble, and no long term financial commitments.

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